Save the Date! New Westminster Heritage Home Tour & Tea

As you will have noticed I’ve rather neglected this lovely blog because as I explained in my my posting of October 5, 2014, “Pursuing Arts & Crafts at 100 Braid St Studios“, I have been spending my time building a new Arts Studio & Gallery business located in the historic area of Sapperton in New Westminster.  It’s been very rewarding and I don’t have a lot of time for other pursuits but now that the business is a year & a half old I’m starting to be able to delegate things, leaving me more time for other interests such as my passion detailed here.

Each year I have meant to share notice of a wonderful event held in our fair city but time always flies and I’ve missed it several times.  Not this year!! The Annual Heritage Home Tours & Tea is a highlight of our city & perfect for anyone who loves heritage buildings.

Rather than waiting until the last minute like other years I’m sending out notice now to SAVE THE DATE!  The tour is scheduled for May 29  10-5pm  Be sure to visit their website and find out about some of the unique homes that will be featured.  And of course, dear to my heart is the news that the Home Tour will feature something new this year, ART of all kinds-Visual and Performing to name a few.  The NWHPS is partnering with the Arts Council of New Westminster to showcase the heritage of our city through art!

NWHPS has a wonderful website with tips for the tour and a listing of the different types of NWHPShomes style you’ll find in the city, including of course, Arts & Crafts homes (click on the photo and it will take you directly to their website).  You’ll also find a list of resources if you are interested in researching the history of your home if you live in New Westminster.

For now, be sure to keep your eye on their website because this is always a “sold out” event.

Arts & Crafts on Craigslist-Vancouver, Victoria & Seattle

You may recall that I have been on medical leave for some time and I thought I would have time for more postings.  Clearly I haven’t and although not good for this blog there are many wonderful things going on in my life and that is where my attention has had to be. Just one example is that in January our daughter got engaged so we are now looking ahead to a fall wedding.  Let the wedding games begin…..

I have considered giving up the blog altogether but my heart is still very much attached to everything Arts & Crafts so I’ve been searching for a way to keep things current and interesting and to be able to post without a great deal of work.

I recently came across a couple of blogs that only feature a “curated list” of items from websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. This is similar to my Web Wednesday feature so I’ve decided that for the next nine months to a year I can bring you a list of arts and crafts items available in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Victoria and Seattle.  A once a week or once every two-week posting is something that I think I can accomplish.  Look for original antique pieces but also modern-day revival/reproduction items in a variety of price ranges and the occasional house listing.

To get us started:
Vancouver/Lower Mainland
Arts and Crafts Oak Clock
Arts and Crafts Oak Clock – $195 (Richmond)

Antique Arts and Crafts Desk $400 (New Westminster)

Stained Glass door
Stained Glass Door $300 (New Westminster)

Stickley style sofa $150 (Delta)

Mission Chair
Mission Oak Chair $110 (Burnaby)

124 Durham St, New Westminster $1,399.500
This beautiful house just happens to be right across the street from our home.

Victoria & Vancouver Island
Umbrella Stand
Reduced! Umbrella Stand $315 (Saanich)

Stickly Rocking Chair
Stickley Rocking Chair $180 (Victoria)

North-West Washington/Greater Seattle

William Morris
5 Yards William Morris Fabric $25 (Port Townsend)

Mission Style Rocker $175 (Lakewood)

Craftsman Style Dining Table & Chairs $425 (Snohomish)

Stickley Harvey Ellis Rocker
Stickley Harvey Ellis Rocker $1100 (Dash Point)

Mission lamp
Mission Lamp $30 (Bellingham)

Mount Baker Annual Home Tour + Arts & Crafts Fair – December 7

mt-baker-home-tour-2013-webThe Mount Baker 334d Annual Home Tour
Saturday, December 7, 2013

Check in:
Mount Baker Community Club
2811 Mount Rainier Drive S.
Seattle, WA 98144

Six unique homes are being showcased by the Mount Baker Community Club for their 33rd annual Home Tour.  The homes have been built between 1912 and 1926 and are situated in the Cascadia-Lakewood area of the Mount Baker Community.

The tour begins at the Clubhouse and the tour can be taken by walking or there is a free shuttle for transportation.  At the conclusion of the tour tourgoers can visit the Arts & Crafts Fair featuring local artists and refreshments.

For more information and ticket prices please click here.

Finding a Treasure – The Daily Bungalow Blog

Just found a lovely Tumblr blog that I want to share called “The Daily Bungalow” which is “A history of the way we were in images from the period. 1900 to 1960”.  You will find a plethora of beautiful Arts and Crafts and Craftsman style homes here, some from scans of old house catalogues and ephemera to photographs of homes in various cities. Well worth checking out and following! Click here or on any photo below to be taken to the blog.
The Daily Bungalow1The daily bungalow photo PortlandThe Daily Bungalow Beautiful Homes and PlansThe Daily Bunglaow Photo 2Love that the blog shows the original Sears Plans and also a photo of that same design in real life. This model is one of my favorite bungalow photos–I received mine from a friend years ago who scanned this from an original catalogue and sent it to me because they knew of my interest in old homes.The Osborn The Daily BungalowPlease note: All images (Scans) copyright © Antique Home, 2008-2011



Web Wednesday: The Arts & Crafts Bungalow is home

Back after a few months hiatus. Suffice to say, I just recently started a medical leave for three months so I hope to have a little more time to post regularly.  Thank you to everyone who has commented or contacted me via email-I will get back to you eventually.

For today, I just want to share a posting for two indoor pillars that I’ve listed on Craigslist.  If you live in the Vancouver area and are interested please contact us through the Craigslist posting.   In a few days I also intend to list a couple of Arts & Crafts style lamps which lean more to a modern look and a couple pieces of china. I’ll be sure to share some of the other things I found that others are selling as well.  Hope this finds you all well and it’s nice to be back.

indoor pillarsTwo Indoor Custom Made Hollow Core Pillars ~ Home Renovation $120 for 2

Here are a few other things I found today that would look great in an Arts & Crafts home or Craftsman Bungalow:

Arts & Crafts Rocking Chair

Arts & Crafts Oak Rocking Chair (Port Coquitlam) ~ $299

PewterVintage Pewter Hand Hammered Creamer (Vancouver) $30

Leaded Glass3 Craftsman Style Leaded Glass Windows (Delta/Surrey/Langley) $200 Each

Let me be clear and put out this disclaimer and sorry if this sounds a bit militant but one can never be too careful:  I don’t know the people who are selling these items and I don’t know anything about them or the items so cannot answer questions.  I will send a courtesy email to let the sellers know their item has been posted on my blog. The information provided on my blog is for informational purposes only. I make no representations as to accuracy, authentication,  completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on these Craigslist postings and will not be liable for any injuries or damages arising if you choose to contact the sellers or purchase from them.  I’m not recommending or endorsing them and all information is provided on an as-is basis. Buyer beware.

Seattle – Arts & Crafts Lectures on Stickley, EE Green, House Colours – Sept 14

Historic Seattle is putting on what looks like it will be an awesome event in September.Three lectures on a variety of topics that are of interest to all Arts & Crafts lovers but especially to BC residents who are interested in Architect E.E.Green.
Date:  Saturday, September 14, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location:  Chapel Space, Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, WallingfordSeattle Map
(Wallingford is a neighbourhood of north central Seattle)

Lecture 1:
The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley
W. Michael McCracken

Lecture 2:
E.E.Green, Bungalow Architect in BC and Washington State EE Green Bungalow
Colin Barr

Lecture 3:
Color and Painting for the Arts & Crafts Home
Barbara Pierce and CJ Hurley

Purchase an Arts & Crafts lectures pass for ALL lectures
general public: $45 ; members: $35; students: $20
OR you can purchase passes to individual lectures
general public: $20; members: $15; students: $10

To Register or to find out more information about the speakers:
Call Historic Seattle at 206-622-6952 or go to the Historic Seattle Website for more information.

Roycroft Motto: The Joy of Self Expression

Roycroft Motto - Self ExpressionRoycroft Motto:  Nothing is of any value excepting that which you create for yourself, and no joy is joy save as it is the joy of self-expression.
1909 Roycroft Motto Catalogue; Digitally enhanced scan

My trip to Victoria was absolutely wonderful.  A highlight was meeting with the owners of the Waterglass Studios and fellow blogger, Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, to talk about our love of all things Arts and Crafts.  I’ll be sharing a tour of Suzanne and Patrick’s home and shop as well as the home of their good friends who I would venture to say have one of the best collections of Arts and Crafts movement pieces in BC.

You know those times when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them all your life?  That’s why visiting with master craftsman Wil van der Pijl and his wife was such a great pleasure.  It was also a wonderful opportunity to see his stunning wood motto plaques as well as all of the other home furnishings and items he has handcrafted.

Our friends treated us royally over the three days to fabulous food including crepes with whipped cream and fruit for breakfast, a lovely steak barbeque and our favorite type of eating on Saturday, antipasti and wine.  They also introduced us to Chocolate Shop Red Wine for dessert–and yes, I thought they were crazy and just couldn’t believe that a wine could taste like chocolate.  There is no other way to describe it except heavenly….rich, dark chocolate tones and cherry bursting onto your tongue and palate.  Our friends purchased it in the US and brought it home but we are trying to find out if it is available for purchase somewhere here in the Lower Mainland.  They also treated us to an hour of kite flying.  They found out that flying a kite was one of my bucket list items when they visited last time and decided to surprise me.  Once my kite was up in the air I couldn’t stop laughing and it really did make me feel like a kid again.

Then we headed off to the Royal BC Museum for a special evening, The Museum Amplification project.  This immersive, performative installation featured 10 groups/artists who performed while we were able to wander freely through the exhibits.  It was a challenge as my hip was very sore and we didn’t get around to seeing everything but spoken word poet Jeremy Loveday on the Discovery Ship was my favorite with one of his last poems of the evening entitled, I Think of the Children.  It touched me quite deeply and has remained with me since.

I smiled when he referred to “snot nosed wonders” as he swiped his hand under his nose in the child-like gesture, I thought of my brother when he referred to “worm cutters” and my daughter with the words, “kindergarten chemists stirring up everything in their lunch kits”.  In one line he talked about how each morning children awake,  “further from God and closer to the forgetful strength of adult-hood” and I couldn’t help but think of how children lose their innocence, especially in this day and age full of violence-visions of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon flickered quickly through my mind.  The last few lines of his poems spoke directly to my heart,  “child, hold on to your wonderment” and “let the dandelions of your heart grow wild.”   It is those final words that have stuck and caused me to deepen my commitment to pursuing my dream of painting fine art.  I enjoyed all of Jeremy’s poems and even though this was my first experience with performance poetry something tells me it won’t be the last.

Since the weekend was a “retreat” I spent a goodly part painting.  There is nothing that quiets my soul and forces me to take care and be present more than putting a brush to canvas.  Before heading to Victoria I took at big step and joined the New West Artists group and that means I can participate in an upcoming showing called Art Squared 2013 to be held at the Network Hub in New Westminster’s River Market from June 7 – 9. I have completed two canvases and plan on finishing a few more.  On June 6, New West Artists group is also hosting Visual Verse 2013 where artists and poets are matched up–after being introduced to Jeremy’s poetry, it is definitely an event I need to attend.

The Roycroft motto above just seemed so appropriate and resonated with me today because of the joy of self-expression that characterized my entire weekend in Victoria.