Arts and Crafts Finds – April 3, 2014 Vancouver Victoria Seattle

Vancouver/Lower Mainland

LanternsPost Lanterns $10 (Aldergrove)

Ink Blotter
Vintage Ink Blotter – Art Nouveau $80 (Vancouver)

Solid Oak cabinet/media centre with doors $100 (Ocean Park/South Surrey)

Cabinet pulls
4 x Metal Pull Handles for Cabinet Doors $5 (Richmond)

Rocking Chair
Rocking Chair – Large Wood Contemporary New 375 – $87 (North Shore)

Queen Bed Set – Mission Style Solid Oak $800 (Steveston)

Rose Stained Glass Window $250 (New Westminster)

Antique Goldn Oak Arts & Crafts Dresser $400 (North Vancouver)
White House Cook Book $50 (Vancouver)

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Mission Dresser
Oak Mission Style Dresser $250 (Nanaimo)

Mission Dresser2
Mission Style Dresser $299 (Nanaimo)

Northwest Washington/Greater Seattle

Mission Style Clock $255 (Olympia)

Antique Jemco Hand Tooled Leather Arts & Crafts Purse $145 (Seabeck in Kitsap County)




Vegetarian Stuffed Protobello Mushrooms with Rosemary

Along with quitting my job I’ve made some other changes in my life after watching the incredible documentary Forks over Knives.  It provides a very good reminder about eating healthier and how so many of today’s illnesses are treatable with food.  As Bruce and I used to be flexitarian (mostly vegetarian but occassionaly eat meat, usually when guests at someones home) we have decided to return to that type of eating. Last night I just threw together what I had in the fridge and created Vegetarian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Rosemary & they turned out so delicious I wanted to share.

Vegetarian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Rosemary2 Large Portobello Mushrooms, stems removed and chopped
1 Large Red Pepper, chopped
1 Large Tomato, chopped
4 Green Onions, chopped
1 Clove garlic, diced
Fresh Rosemary, chopped (to your taste)
1/4 brick of Cream Cheese, chopped
Olive Oil
Cheddar,grated for light garnish
Parmesan, grated for light garnish

Brush Portobello Mushrooms lightly with olive oil and broil both sides briefly.
In the meantime chop vegetables and saute quickly in a small amount of olive oil.
Remove from heat and add cream cheese.  Stir until vegetables are coated-it’s ok to have small chunks of the cream cheese as they will melt.  Garnish with cheddar, parmesan and a few reserved pieces of green onion.  Broil while watching in oven for 3-7 minutes and cheese is melted & bubbly.

Serves 2
What I love most about this is that the rosemary is a great complement to the earthiness of mushrooms and an excellent paring with these particular vegetables.

I served this with a broccoli, cabbage and carrot slaw.




A Secret Revealed – following my heart & living my dream

I’ve been hinting for some time that despite the fact I was on medical leave there were some wonderful things going on in my life.  My daughter’s upcoming wedding is one but it’s time to make public what else I’m have been and will be doing.

The Last Ferry Home_SusanLGreig_Nov 2012

The Last Ferry Home by Susan L Greig

March 21 will be my last day of work at BC Children’s Hospital.  I am taking the leap of living my dream and opening an inclusive art studio and gallery located five minutes from my home in New Westminster.  Bucket List Item #239 Quit my job and paint/write full-time can be crossed off my list.

This idea has been a long time percolating and my vision finally came together in December of 2013 when I found several studios in the USA that each had elements of what I wanted to do.  It’s funny how something can circulate in your brain, sometimes for years, and then just at the right moment everything comes together and you wonder how you didn’t see it before because it was so obvious.

Here is the official lowdown about the studios:

100 Braid St Studios is an inclusive working art studio for New Westminster and Lower Mainland artists that allows visitors to be inspired artistically and to learn from the artists practicing in the studio. Studio artists produce fine art & craft in the form of paintings, sculpture, fiber, jewellery making, photography, and mixed media.

We provide three programs that foster creativity and the expansion of the dialog around the ever-blurring boundaries and continuum of art to craft :

1. Painting or Craft workshops focus on the fun and social aspects of getting together in a group to produce art.
2. Fine art classes cover the basics of a number of painting techniques, colour theory and artistic exploration.
3. Cultural Workshops feature contemporary and traditional Métis crafts such as beading, stone carving, and weaving. (Métis arts are in danger of dying so I am keen on seeing these preserved)

We are not only inclusive of all types of art but we are inclusive in cultural diversity, language and ability. We provide workshops and classes in:
ASL (American Sign Language)
ESL (for new immigrant) certified instructor.
Adaptive format for adults and children with disabilities

The Studio also provides an alternative venue for corporate team building, private meetings and celebratory events.


On March 1 I took possession of  5,600 square feet on the second floor of a warehouse built in 1928 and renovations are currently underway.  Time that I would have spent blogging over the past few months has been used in creating a new website, getting social media set up and meeting with artists and artisans who are interested in coming into the space.

Someone at city hall told me that the building used to be an old winery but they couldn’t 100 Braid St - Concept-Decor Space Plan copyconfirm that so I’ve asked our local historians if they could do some research.  We do know that the Studios sit across the street from where an old Distillery used to be so it is very possible it was part of that or it may in fact be a winery; city hall staff said that is why there is a cupola on the top of the building. Regardless, I’m excited to find out what I can so that I can play homage to the history of the warehouse in the decor that we choose.  My focus at this time is on “Funky Junk” design with an industrial feel and using used and sustainable building materials.

My dream has long been to find a way to quit my job at the hospital and work in the arts.  100 Braid St Studios is going to allow me to do that.  It’s also going to allow me to explore, in a very practical way, the whole concept of the Arts and Crafts Philosophy as related to the modern DIY movement.  To see a previous posting on this topic please click here.

I would be honoured if you would visit the new 100 Braid St Studios website, follow me there on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Facebook is coming soon!
Twitter @100braidst
Instagram 100braidststudios
Pinterest 100braidst

Arts and Crafts Finds – March 15, 2014 Vancouver Victoria Seattle

Vancouver/Lower Mainlandrocker
Antique Tapestry Rocker $500 (New Westminster)

Antique Chair
Antique Chair $20 (North Delta)

Solid Oak Mission Style Buffet $500 (Mission)

Craftsman Table
Solid Oak Craftsman Dining Table and Chairs $400 (South Surrey)

Antique Gramophone Jenny Lind $125 (Maple Ridge)

19th Century Cast Iron Easel $975 (Vancouver)

Crystal Door Knobs
8 Crystal Doorknobs $100 (Vancouver)

WM Carpets
Persian Style Carpets (William Morris Design) $2000 (North Vancouver)

White House Cook Book $50 (Vancouver)

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Mission Sofa
Prairie Mission Sofa & Morris Chair $5500 (Courtenay)

Arts and Crafts Mission 1/4 cut Oak Desk $600 (mid island)

One of our William Morris Tapestries $135 (North Saanich)

Northwest Washington/Greater Seattle

Craftsman Style Vintage Door $100 (The RE Store, Bellingham)

Stickley Prairie Style Loveseats Pair $5,000 (Queen Anne)

Rare Signed Charles Limbert Craftsman Settle $6250 (Lake Forest Park)

Tiffany Style Mission Lit Base Lamp $90 (Capital Hill)

Warehouse Lamp
Warehouse Sale Inexpensive High Quality Mission Lighting $68 (Thea Foss Waterway Warehouse Saturday)

sewing machine
1914 White treadles, Mission, Arts & Crafts Sewing Machine $175 (Federal Way)

Beautiful Vintage and Collectible Lamps & Shades (Tacoma)

Outdoor Light
Craftsman Style Outdoor Light Fixture $30 (West Seattle)

ceiling fan
Casablanca Ceiling Fan Mission $100 (Bellingham)




Arts and Crafts Finds – Feb 22, 2014 Vancouver – Seattle

Antique Door $600 (New Westminster)

Hall Stand
Hall Stand $50 (East Vancouver)

Oak Plant Stand
Plant Stand $85 (Port Moody)

Light Fixtures
6 Craftsman Style Light Fixtures $75 each (North Shore)

end tables
2 Mission Style End Tables $80 (Downtown Vancouver)

Victoria & Vancouver Island
Bienville Rocker $400 (outside Victoria)

English Arts and Crafts Oak Chair $300 (Lanfored, Colwood)

Northwest Washington/Greater Seattle
Stickley Style Clock
Stickley Style Hall Clock $5000 (Snohomish)

RH Cabinet
Restoration Hardware Mission Style Entertainment Cabinet $450 (Bellevue)

Arts & Crafts Mission Oak Frame & Photo $50 (Seattle)

Stained Glass
Stained Glass Light $50 (The RE Store, Ballard)



Arts & Crafts on Craigslist-Vancouver, Victoria & Seattle

You may recall that I have been on medical leave for some time and I thought I would have time for more postings.  Clearly I haven’t and although not good for this blog there are many wonderful things going on in my life and that is where my attention has had to be. Just one example is that in January our daughter got engaged so we are now looking ahead to a fall wedding.  Let the wedding games begin…..

I have considered giving up the blog altogether but my heart is still very much attached to everything Arts & Crafts so I’ve been searching for a way to keep things current and interesting and to be able to post without a great deal of work.

I recently came across a couple of blogs that only feature a “curated list” of items from websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. This is similar to my Web Wednesday feature so I’ve decided that for the next nine months to a year I can bring you a list of arts and crafts items available in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Victoria and Seattle.  A once a week or once every two-week posting is something that I think I can accomplish.  Look for original antique pieces but also modern-day revival/reproduction items in a variety of price ranges and the occasional house listing.

To get us started:
Vancouver/Lower Mainland
Arts and Crafts Oak Clock
Arts and Crafts Oak Clock – $195 (Richmond)

Antique Arts and Crafts Desk $400 (New Westminster)

Stained Glass door
Stained Glass Door $300 (New Westminster)

Stickley style sofa $150 (Delta)

Mission Chair
Mission Oak Chair $110 (Burnaby)

124 Durham St, New Westminster $1,399.500
This beautiful house just happens to be right across the street from our home.

Victoria & Vancouver Island
Umbrella Stand
Reduced! Umbrella Stand $315 (Saanich)

Stickly Rocking Chair
Stickley Rocking Chair $180 (Victoria)

North-West Washington/Greater Seattle

William Morris
5 Yards William Morris Fabric $25 (Port Townsend)

Mission Style Rocker $175 (Lakewood)

Craftsman Style Dining Table & Chairs $425 (Snohomish)

Stickley Harvey Ellis Rocker
Stickley Harvey Ellis Rocker $1100 (Dash Point)

Mission lamp
Mission Lamp $30 (Bellingham)

A Snowy day at the Arts and Crafts Bungalow

On Monday we had one of those rare days in Vancouver when it snowed.  I love the city when it snows because everything gets quiet and people generally stay of the roads.  I grew up in Saskatchewan & the interior of BC so driving in snow is not an issue but as my husband says “it’s not us, it’s the thousands of people who don’t have snow tires or know how to drive in the snow”.  Here’s a photo from our front porch just before the snow got really heavy.

December 9_2013